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The guide to a perfect muscle-up, signed MaddeLisk

Madeleine Leander a.k.a ”MaddeLisk”, is a fitness profile on the rise. Last year she won the Swedish championships in bardips and street workout. We had a chat with her to figure out the way to nail a perfect muscle-up. Enjoy!


Madeleine Leander, ”MaddeLisk” has always had a thing for challenges. But after seven years of strength training at the gym, she decided to try something new. The past three years she’s primarily used her own body weight. One of her first “off-gym” challenges was to perform a full muscle-up.

– It took me about four months to perform a complete muscle-up. I did many other exercises to build up the strength and worked on the muscle-up itself about twice a week. I really gave it all to reach my goal and I was euphoric when I finally did it!

How slow have you done a muscle-up?

– Oh, I’ve done a few really slow ones! I remember I tried one for one minute once and that went well.

Five tips to perform a muscle-up as slow as MaddeLisk: 

1. Work on pull-ups and dips. Build up enough strength to perform at least five strict pull-ups and ten dips before going in for muscle-ups. Make sure you have enough control in the bottom position when you’re doing dips, you can preferably go extra deep and pause at the bottom to prepare the body for muscle-ups.

2. Be determined! When you’re learning something new, it’s really important to really put everything in to it. Watch others, figure out which exercises that fit you and train. A lot.

3. Negative muscle-ups. It’s really important to have full strength in chins and dips, but to be able to perform a strict muscle-up it’s equally important to be strong in the transition between these exercises. A good way to build up that strength is through negative muscle-ups. Start in the finishing position and lower to a hanging position as slow as possible.

4. Work on your shoulder mobility. 

5. False grip. Take the time to build wrist and forearm strength and flexibility to hold a steady false grip. Performing a slow bar muscle-up is easier if you don’t have to change grips during the exercise. A good false grip allows you to keep your hands in the same position throughout the exercise. Simply explained; the hand position you naturally end with after a muscle-up is the hand position you want when you start the muscle-up.

Want to see MaddeLisk in action? Check out the following links à


Instagram: maddelisk_workout

Youtube: MaddeLisk
Facebook: MaddeLisk


Ps. Curious about Madeleine’s nickname Maddelisk? It’s a reference to a character in the computer game StarCraft 2. Did we forget to say that Madeleine also has a PhD in mathematics, and is a former professional StarCraft-player with a world championship gold on her shelf? 


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