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Moisture wicking fabric is popular for the construction of workout clothes

STEVE MCALLAN 2016-12-13

Moisture wicking fabric is a kind of fabric that is commonly used in workout clothing and sportswear because the material is designed to pull moisture away from the skin. As such, the fabric draws sweat and perspiration off of the skin and out to the exterior of the fabric. It is much easier for the moisture to evaporate on the surface of the fabric than when it is trapped between the garment and the skin. 


Wicking works by utilizing a thing called capillary action. This means that the fabric is made up of tiny little tubes, like capillaries in your body that the moisture can move up away from your skin and released into your outer layers of clothing or the air.

Wicking fabric means that the fabric has tiny capillaries in it which are large enough to let moisture, like sweat, out but small enough to keep precipitation, like rain, out. If you think of a wick in a candle, think how the wick draws the wax up the wick to the flame to be burned. The principle of wicking fabric is pretty much the same.

Moisture wicking fabric is popular for the construction of workout clothes because it keeps people comfortable while they are exercising. The best functional fabrics for wicking are synthetics as they allow moisture to travel to the outer layers without absorbing any moisture. 


In addition to keeping people comfortable while they are working out, moisture wicking fabric can also be important in the prevention of hypothermia. When people exercise outdoors in cold weather or participate in winter sports, they have to wear warm clothing, often in layers.

Once they begin exercising, however, their bodies heat up and they may begin to perspire. In low temperatures, it can be dangerous for sweat to collect on the skin.


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