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IFBB Bikini PRO and single mother Frida Sjöström: “It’s all about planning”


Frida Sjöström is a personal trainer, nutrition advisor and IFBB Bikini PRO based in Stockholm. Not only has she a number of achievements and prizes from several Bikini Fitness championships, the last one from Olympia Amateur in San Mario in early December – she is also a single mother with two children

STEVE MCALLAN 2016-12-21

How do you stay in shape? 
– It’s all about planning. You have to be a slight control freak and have clear routines to make life work when you train on this level. Every Sunday I prep food boxes for the coming week. I cycle to and from work so that’s how I get my cardio done. Then of course I have a huge benefit of working in a gym – that eliminates transportation time to and from the gym. Many people ask me how I have the time to stay in shape. My answer is: my kids! They are the best PT’s in the world! I have a pedometer, and already in the morning, before leaving home, I’ve taken more than 2000 steps… My kids, 5 and 7 years old, come with me to the gym every now and then, they feel at home at my local gym where there are many families that know each other. During the weekends, it’s almost like a family activity, haha!


Many parents struggle to find the time to exercise. What is your advise to them?
– I usually ask people how they transport themselves to and from their daily activities. Is it possible to add exercise there – maybe by bike, or getting off the subway a few stops earlier and walking the last bit? This is a great way of fitting your everyday exercise in your schedule in a natural way, without really losing any time whilst doing it. Make it a habit to always take the stairs, all these small things make a lot of difference! I can also recommend a pedometer to keep track of your everyday exercise. If you are with your children, involve them in the workout! I’ve never seen a child who doesn’t want to be part of a physical activity – involve the children and be creative - to work out doesn’t have to mean to go to the gym.  


What can you do if you have small children or babies?
– For many people it’s about finding routines and plan the workout in a smooth and easy way. Bring the stroller out for a walk or use an app for short training programmes that you can perform while your baby is sleeping. A 10 minute workout compared to no workout makes a tremendous difference! And if you want to go the gym, many of the large gyms in bigger cities offer childcare services. I used these services myself when my children were smaller and they offer such a good time for recovery. I definitely don’t think parents should feel guilty if using these services, but to focus on the fact that you can be a better parent if you invest this time in yourself.

Check out more from Frida at www.fridasweb.com or follow her on instagram @fridasweb


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